Market Days is one of the Southeast’s largest and best-juried arts and crafts shows, featuring the unique, handmade creations of over 300 artists and top-quality artisans and craftspeople. Market Days offers a beautiful array of works in various price ranges, from breathtaking fine art to charming stocking stuffers. The works include fine arts, ceramics, country furniture, stained glass, woodwork, glasswork, dolls, clocks, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, metalwork, clothing, photography, and calligraphy. This event is volunteer-run and all proceeds go to support the Tallahassee Museum whose mission is to inspire people to transform their lives, community, and the world through an enhanced understanding of our region's natural and cultural environments.


North Florida Fairgrounds
441 E Paul Russell Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(850) 575-8684--Attendees


Saturday, December 4th and Sunday, December 5th
Saturday Hours 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday Hours 10 am - 4 pm

General Admission Tickets

Tickets are available at the gate on the days of the event and are only good for one-day admission.

$6 CASH for Adults

$4 CASH for Children (Ages 6-12)

$3 CASH Premium Parking (S. Monroe Street Entrance) (FREE for Early Bird Ticket Holders)

Free Perimeter Parking (Tram Rd and Paul Russell Rd Stadium)

Early Bird Shopping

Saturday 8am – 10am

Click here to buy Early Bird tickets ONLINE ($25 per ticket) – ON SALE NOW. Tickets can also be purchased at My Favorite Things and Eleanor Doyle Florist during normal business hours.

Limited to just 1,000 tickets, Market Days Early Bird shoppers peruse stress-free and get the first choice on top gifts, and 2 hours head start on holiday shopping before the rush of the crowds arrive. Plus you get premium parking, coffee and muffins! Tickets to participate in this treasured holiday shopping tradition are available for $25 (sold in advance). Everyone (except infants) must have an early bird ticket to enter.


  • First to Shop the Show – You get in 2 hours before general admission shoppers!
  • Unlimited Admission All Weekend
  • Saturday Morning Refreshments from our Trail Break Café (coffee and muffins)
  • Free On-site Parking (EARLY BIRD ENTRANCE ON SOUTH SIDE OF FAIRGROUNDS ONLY — click for map)
  • Support the Tallahassee Museum

Thank you for your interest in Market Days, a premier juried arts and crafts show held in Tallahassee, Florida.

Market Days is one of the Southeast’s largest and best-juried arts and crafts shows, featuring the unique, handmade creations of over 300 artists and top-quality artisans and craftspeople. Market Days offers a beautiful array of works in various price ranges, from breathtaking fine art to charming stocking stuffers. The works include fine arts, ceramics, country furniture, stained glass, woodwork, glasswork, dolls, clocks, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, metalwork, clothing, photography, and calligraphy. This event is volunteer-run and all proceeds go to support the Tallahassee Museum whose mission is to inspire people to transform their lives, community, and the world through an enhanced understanding of our region’s natural and cultural environments.


North Florida Fairgrounds
441 E Paul Russell Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
(850) 576-9820--Vendors

Application Information

DEADLINE: May 15, 2021
REQUIREMENTS:Images: 6 (a booth shot is NOT required)
FEE: $35.00
AMOUNT: You can submit up to 3 applications for this show.

Early Access to Fairgrounds on Thursday

Between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.
If you wish to take advantage of having access to the Fairgrounds on Thursday to drop your trailer or camp, there will be an Early Access Fee of $26. This cost will be in addition to the regular camping fee of $26. This does not include access to the buildings. Set-up in the buildings will begin at 8:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Vendor access to the grounds on Thursday will be from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Arrival and Check-in

The fairgrounds will be open for set-up on Friday, December 4, 2021, from 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM. You must re-confirm your space if you are not checked-in by 5:30 PM on Friday by calling 850-576-9820 and leaving a message.

The grounds will reopen at 6:30 AM on Saturday and all exhibitors must be set up by 7:45 AM. The show opens at 8:00 AM when special event Early Bird shoppers are in line and ready to shop.

On Sunday, grounds open for exhibitors at 8:30 AM.


All arts and crafts media are eligibleItems submitted must be the original work of the Artist or Craftsman applying. This show is promoted as an arts and crafts show, not buy/sell. You must disclose any items submitted on your application that are not made by you but are a necessary part of your original work. Artists can only display and sell work that has been juried.

The Arts and Crafts Chair and Committee will have final approval on all acceptance/rejections, placement and reserves the right to remove misrepresented or inappropriate materials from the show.

If your exhibit contains school or sport logos, you must have your trademark licensing information with you. Reproductions of the images submitted by artists who are accepted may be used for publicity.

Applications will not be juried without payment. 
In order to be juried for Market Days, you must pay the non-refundable $35 application fee and a $100 deposit. If you are not accepted your $100 deposit will be refunded to you. If you are accepted to the show and paid the $100 deposit, the balance of your fee will be due no later than August 31st. No money will be refunded after this date. If payment is not received, you are subject to lose your deposit and space at the show. The committee will assign all spaces and honor any space request, whenever possible, based on availability.

Categories: Our jury is broken down into categories, i.e., jewelry, woodcraft, food, wearable art, etc. If you have more than one product in your booth, you must list your products. Due to the number of applications we receive for the jewelry category, if you have jewelry of any kind in your booth, jewelry is the category in which you will be juried. Example: If your primary product is woodcraft and you also make jewelry to sell, your jewelry will take precedence and you will be juried in the jewelry category.

Digital Media: Artists and craftsmen must submit at least three (3) high resolution digital images of their current work. Also, you must submit 1 image of you making your product and copies of two current receipts where you purchased materials to make your product. To be considered for use in the newspaper advertisement, it is important that images be of excellent quality, in good condition, and representative of work you will sell. Pictures will become part of the Market Days archives.


Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and reporting all State of Florida and Leon County sales taxes (7.5%).

During Market Days, you are required to collect 7.5% Florida Sales Tax for every taxable sale. The taxes collected will be submitted to the Florida Department of Revenue.

If you have a Florida Sales Tax Identification Number, you will be expected to submit the tax collected at Market Days on your Florida Sales Tax return. If you do not have a Florida Tax Identification number, you will be required to submit the Florida Sales Tax on the Special Event Sales Tax Packet you will be given at check-in.

At the end of the show, we will provide the Florida Department of Revenue your name, contact information, and Florida Sales Tax Identification Number, if provided, as record that you participated in the event.



Application Fee: (non-refundable) – $35

Entry Fee: Space size, cap, corner, tables and camping fee details are broken down at check out. Only tent frames are allowed inside. If the requested space size is not available and you agree to a different size space, you will either be billed or refunded the difference.

Electricity is available for all spaces: You are responsible for providing your own heavy duty extension cords, 3-way plugs, duct tape and any additional lighting you may require. NO space heaters are allowed.



  • Average number of applications submitted each year: 375
  • Average number of artists selected from the jury to participate in the event: 325
  • Average number of exempt from jury artists who are invited to participate in the event: 175
  • Vendors that are excluded/ineligible: Buy/Sell Vendors
  • How images are viewed by jurors: Other
  • Within a medium category, applications are sorted and viewed by: Random Order
  • Comments for “Select the method in which applications are reviewed within a medium category.” by craft
  • Jurors score applications using the following scale: Yes, No, or Maybe
  • Number of jurors scoring applications: 7
  • The show organizes the jurors for a: Single jury panel that scores applications for all medium categories
  • Jurors score: Separately from various locations
  • Am I allowed to observe the jury process? Jury process is closed


Welcome to the 55th Annual Market Days

The Holiday season has officially arrived and the 55th Annual Market Days is ready to welcome you with an amazing selection of original and unique gifts of abundant varieties for those who are special in your life. This holiday shopping tradition helps us create and celebrate wonderful memories with friends and family while perusing the amazing creative skills of nearly 300 artisans from across the country who were juried and accepted in this year’s Market Days.

Market Days 2021 is as essential today for the Tallahassee Museum as it was in 1965. Funds from the Market Days benefit the Museum in innumerable ways. From educational programs for all ages to the care of our living wildlife collection and historic buildings, Market Days supports the Museum helping to provide the many services we deliver to our audiences throughout the region.

We are tremendously grateful for our sponsors who help bring Market Days to life each year and we thank these supporters and encourage you to patronize their businesses.

Lastly, I extend a heartfelt thank you to the endless dedication of our Market Days volunteers who work so tirelessly throughout the year to make Market Days a reality each year.

Whether it’s your first or your 55th year attending Market Days, we thank you for your continued support of the Tallahassee Museum and wish you the best as you enjoy our region’s most memorable holiday shopping tradition.

With warm thoughts of the season,

Russel Daws Signature

President/CEO Tallahassee Museum

2021 Market Days Committee

Event Chair: Rhonda Hammond

Operations Director: Jim Cunningham

Gates Coordinator: Melanie and Doug Roberts, Brandy Cottrell

Arts & Crafts Chair: Kay Cunningham

Coffee Chairs: Diane Perkins, James Wade

Early Bird Co-Chairs: Laurie Jones, Barbara Corven

Exhibit & Recruitment Coordinator: Lou Ogburn

Security Chair: Jim Skipper

Info Booth Chairs:  Bill & Dianna Norwood

Feature Writer: Sam Miller

Grounds Chair: Gary Adams

Grounds Co-Chairs: Richard Massey, Richard Dowden

Hospitality Tent Chairs: Lee Matthews, Lynn Guevara

Vendor Hospitality Chair: Mary Riordan

Jr. Exhibitors Chair: Pat Bull

Food Co-Chairs: Ken Mills, Jill Brock

Gingerbread Co-Chairs: Jennifer Craig, Renee Strickland

Building 1 Co-Chairs: Julia Gerrell, Gary Peterson, Rhonda Hammond

Building 2 Co-Chairs: Cyndi Mendelson, Colleen Kelly

Building 3 Co-Chairs: JoAnn Prescott, Annie Prescott

Building 4 Co-Chairs: Sheila Skipper, Codi Esser

Building 6 Co-Chairs: Kay Cunningham, Nancy McConnell, Jim Robinson

Building 7 Co-Chairs: Tracy Tyson,  Sheila Connell

Outdoor Co-Chairs: Pam Kyllonen, Tauno Kyllonen, Jr.

Event Staff: Sandra Washington, Angela Dell

Museum Staff

Board Chairman: Allen McConnaughhay

President/CEO: Russell Daws

Vice President/COO: Rebekka Wade

Vice President of Philanthropy: Katherine Ashler

Finance: Malynda Bright

Facilities: Mike Sullivan

The tradition of this impactful event would not be possible without the longstanding support of our dedicated volunteers and committee members.

2021 Featured Artists

 Ann Melton, Beachton, Ga., Ceramics

Ann was inspired by an Alligator Snapping Turtle from 60 Years Ago

Ann Melton is returning to Market Days for the first time in several years and her stone wear and pewter products include an inspiration from an alligator snapping turtle 60 years ago. She grew up in Tallahassee and her first memory of the “Junior Museum,” now Tallahassee Museum, was of this snapping turtle. “We had caught an alligator snapping turtle and my dad and I took it to the Junior Museum. It was a huge thing. I remember it was on the end of a shovel.”

Ann has just finished a snapping turtle necklace. The shell is in stonewear and the arms, legs and tail are pewter.  “It can be worn as a necklace or used as a fan pull,” she says. She has produced 17 of them and will be wearing one. When she sells out of the finished products, she will be taking orders for more.

Ann lives in Beachton, Ga., between Tallahassee and Thomasville. She has been an active ceramics artisan in the Thomasville area for several decades.


  • Darcy Abbott 318
  • Teresa Ace O-025
  • Lourdes Aguilar-Moody 226
  • Renee Altman 142
  • Richard Amor 307
  • Abbie Andrews 312
  • Holly Bagley 304
  • Kay Baldwin 324
  • David Barber 336
  • Deborah Barnes 204
  • Michael Bateman 736
  • Patrick Bates 119
  • Kristi Batten 101
  • Beverlee Beard O-027
  • Stacey Beasley 719
  • Elizabeth Benners 137
  • Becky Bethea 215
  • Brenda Biberdorf 410
  • Sarah Blyden O-009
  • Deane Boughner 127
  • Douglas Brandow O-022
  • Greg Britt 633
  • James Britt 135 & 136
  • Richard Brooke III 625
  • Dedra Burdette 602
  • Andrew & Liudmila Busch 131
  • Mark Caldwell O-024
  • Deb & Don Carling 125
  • Valerie Carnett O-018
  • Jessica Carr 714
  • Susan Carr 427
  • Sandy Catalano 623
  • Henry Cesneros 236
  • Tom & Denise Chamberlain 205
  • Wesley Chaney 710
  • Virginia Charles 322
  • LeAnn Christian 615
  • Renee Clayton 118
  • Maddy Colwell 409
  • Amzie Cooper 338
  • Laurie Copeland 334
  • Beth Cornelson 134
  • Winifred Costello 628
  • Beth Crowe 311
  • Shirley Crowley 429
  • Tab Crowley 428
  • Michael Crum O-023
  • Salli Cupstid 235
  • Michele Cummins 303
  • Staci Dabson O-006
  • James Daniels 209
  • Heather Davis 626
  • Judith Davis 335
  • Sheron Davis O-015
  • Toby Davis 234
  • Becky DeBord 639
  • Tammy Derwick 238
  • Dana Durwin 327
  • Victor Edwards O-017
  • Renee Elder 120
  • Kendria Ellis 634
  • Jamie Estes 440
  • Laura Estrada O-021
  • Stephanie Ewell & Anthony Nastasi 139
  • Connie Bennett Farish 422
  • Dan Finerman 144
  • Louise Finerman 143
  • Fred Fisher 222
  • Alex Fong 221
  • Tera fujan 434
  • Shannon Fulghum 337
  • Kathleen Burness 115
  • Patricia Gadomski 305
  • Tasha Gaskins 617
  • Luther Glenn 722
  • Gelana Goddard 110
  • David Goodson 114
  • Joe Goodson 323
  • Bill Gowdy 609
  • M Hakima, MD 217
  • Linda Hale 444
  • Tim Haratine 224
  • Robbie Hattaway 601
  • Phil Hawkins O-008
  • Matt Herman O-013
  • John Hill 604
  • Deidre Hilliard O-010
  • Betsy Honesz 106
  • Robin Holt 302
  • Scott Hornbaker 105
  • Alvin Howard 620
  • Justin Howard 732
  • Marolyn Howard 138
  • Karen Hurst 437
  • Brenda Johns 325
  • Ally Johnson 101
  • Dan Johnson 223
  • Algie Jones 442
  • Marian Jones 724
  • Paulette Jones f 715
  • John Kavowsick 631
  • Toni Keeling 722
  • Michelle Kelly 620
  • Tracey Kelshat 613
  • Karen Kennedy 425
  • Noah Kirk 405
  • Gina Konn 134
  • Godwin Kou 420
  • Tim Kuhlman 403
  • Jesse Kunerty O-028
  • Karen Lanier 413
  • Jaes Lassak 228
  • Gary Lawrence 705
  • Mary Lee 145
  • Silvia Levy – Andio 436
  • Robert Lewis 129
  • Debra Lindberg 331
  • Robert Lewis 129
  • Debra Lindberg 331
  • Robert Linn 411
  • Shanah Luhmann 430
  • Glenn Luther 720
  • Eric & Glenda Lundgren 605
  • Pattie Maney 424 & 424
  • Leonia Maresch 637
  • Anna Marino 216
  • Carol Mason 126
  • Celia Mathews 718
  • Scott Mattison 211
  • Masrcia McAuliffe 614
  • Heaven McCaulley 603
  • Sawai McLaughlin 130
  • Ann Melton 315
  • Rusty Miller 645
  • Judy Moeggenberg O-002
  • Jeff Mohr 212
  • John & Patti Monroe 112 & 113
  • Crystal Morris 306
  • Lori Moser 301
  • Debbie Nanney 728
  • Ashley Narramore 610
  • Igor Nasibyan 227
  • Jeffrey Nelson O-011
  • Petra Noel 431
  • Mark Northcutt 330
  • Michele O’Neil 415
  • Jim & Theresa Owens 611
  • Barbara Pace 445
  • Christy Pelter 627
  • Cindy Petty 210
  • Katerine Pitts 61
  • Lorrie Powell 632
  • Annette Preacher 640
  • Josh Price O-014
  • Jan Proveaux 117
  • Patty Pun 122
  • Jie Qin 641
  • Shawn Raba O-029
  • Brent Ragan 721
  • Cherri Raines 606
  • Nancy Raper 326
  • Remington, DJ 441
  • Debbie Revell 644
  • Charles Rice 737
  • Stephanie & Donald Rinzel 715
  • Ellen Rodgers 412
  • Robin Rodgers 239
  • Edward Rouse O-035
  • Ruang Wanpen 417
  • Jim & Barbara Runkle 401
  • Kelly Rysav 433
  • Kate Sauls 319
  • Pia Schliesseit O-020
  • Alison Schmidt 102
  • Babs Schnabl 402
  • Elizabeth Schneider 328
  • Carol Scott 316
  • Terri Seigel 439
  • Donna Seltzer 302
  • Janet Sexton 108 & 109
  • Evelyn Gilmer Sherron 308
  • Julia Shewchuk 309
  • Sherry Smith 630
  • Wendy Sorrell 240
  • Lisa Sparling 201
  • Mary Jo Spector 317
  • Donna Spitzer O-004
  • Susan Spivey 229
  • Marguerite Spruell 419
  • Alda Stevens 111
  • Landon Stevenson 329
  • Chad Stewart 727
  • Cynthia Stopher 121
  • Jan Stoutamire 116
  • Lori Strickland 223
  • Barbara Streoer 141
  • Mary Swearingen O-026
  • Christin Tank O-003
  • Marlene & Norman Taylor 310
  • Robert Taylor O-016
  • Cathi Thames 7233
  • Janice Thomas 07
  • Nina Thompson O-007
  • Ashley Till 716
  • Regina To O-019
  • Linda Tong 404
  • Nancy Trumbull 435
  • Donna Tucker 120
  • Rober Van Liieshout O-013
  • Graciano 314
  • Walt Wager 416
  • Marvin Wallace 618
  • Penny Wallace 638
  • Jenny Wang 225
  • Robin Weinrich 612
  • Di Weston 709
  • Tess Wewerka 103
  • Lori Wilkinson 107
  • Mary Wilkinson 313
  • Dennis Williams O-036
  • Laura Williams 418
  • Jim Wilson 208
  • Stacey Wright 230
  • Eugin & Monica Zah 104
  • Marianne Zirk 216